Asha Imuno releases debut album Good News

Los Angeles-based rapper and producer Asha Imuno shares his debut album Good News. Out now on all available platforms via b4, this marks the first full-length release for the label.

The album drop is paired with the release of the third track ‘SIX PACK’ accompanied by the official video directed by Lucas Chemotti. “A lot of Good News is about redemption and the struggle to claim your place in the world,” explains Asha. “SIX PACK pulls from those ideas, but this one is more about getting to know the kid that I used to be and the man I’m becoming.”

Good News is a diary of 19 year-old Imuno’s experiences, full of highs and lows in both production and theme. Growing up with influences ranging from church choir and marching band to his parents’ soul and hip-hop collections, Imuno’s range is on full display for Good News. “Making this record has been equally about pushing myself to uncomfortable places as a writer and producer as well as exercising my newfound confidence.” The album is largely self-produced, mixed and mastered, created from Imuno’s home that he shares with members of the Raised by the Internet multimedia collective.

His catalogue includes the acclaimed self-released project Full Disclosure, which Complex praised as a “true exhibition of being young and free.” The 14-track album is out now via b4.

Purchase / Stream Good News. 

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