Announced: Daughter – Stereo Mind Game + ‘Be On Your Way’

Returning with their first studio album for seven years, Stereo Mind Game is a new chapter for Daughter. To be released on 7 April, the group’s third record follows Not to Disappear (2016) and soundtrack Music from Before the Storm (2017). After more than a decade spent depicting the darkest emotions, the trio of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella present their most optimistic record yet.

The album’s lead single ‘Be On Your Way’ is a longing but resilient song about an enduring connection that is also indefinable. The video created by Tiff Pritchett evokes a collection of memories, with footage of Tonra superimposed with images of beautiful passing moments – the flight of a bird, a field of flowers. ‘Be On Your Way’ is not a loss of hope but a confidence in, and acceptance of the passage of time.  

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Stream / purchase ‘Be On Your Way’ here.

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