Announced: Huntly sign to Dot Dash + ‘Undertage’

Emotional dance music pioneers Huntly meld UK garage, breakbeat, electronic-pop and alternative R&B in their high-tempo new single ‘Undertage’. It arrives alongside news of their signing to Dot Dash Recordings!

Between Elspeth Scrine and Andrew Huhtanen McEwan there exists a strong creative partnership, one that has been built upon from years of friendship. This friendship has bred an intuitive and unique artistry; perfectly exemplified on the band’s acclaimed 2019 debut album Low Grade Buzz, which positioned Huntly as a dynamic new force in the Australian music community.

The Melbourne-based duo fuse driving DnB breaks with silky R&B vocals and vulnerable lyricism on the new track ‘Undertage’. The subject matter is a unique insight into moments of pure happiness that come with newfound crushes and friendships. It also illustrates Huntly’s exploration of intimacy in all forms; platonic is as important as romantic, and a love for your friends is equally as crucial as those feelings of deep love we can feel for romantic partners.

Stream / Purchase ‘Undertage’ here.

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