Announced: Patrick Watson – Better in the Shade (physical) + new video

Patrick Watson’s critically acclaimed album Better in the Shade will be available everywhere in LP and CD formats October 7. The singer-songwriter also shares a brand-new video for the single ‘Height of the Feeling’ featuring La Force. Watch below!

Director, Arizona O’Neill reveals ”after two years of feeling isolated during the pandemic…we wanted to make a video that reflected how jarring it is to return to social activities. In the black and white sections of the video, Patrick and La Force are singing while standing too close to one another. They are vulnerable and bashful by being in each other’s personal space. The other sections in colour take place in a small laundromat overcrowded with cheap, playful and kitsch objects. It was a perfect and hilarious choreography. The two parts of the video represent the playfulness and intimacy we had all been lacking. Like the video, the song has two polarising readings: It is whimsical yet also speaks to the dark insecurity of losing love”.

Stream / purchase Better in the Shade here.

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