Announced: Sleaford Mods – Divide and Exit (10th Anniversary)

Sleaford Mods’ era-capturing, breakthrough album Divide and Exit is set to be reissued on 26 July to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Originally released in May 2014, not only did Andrew Fearn and Jason Williamson’s second ‘proper’ album, capture the ‘death by a million vested interests’ malaise that was engulfing British society as contaminative politics oozed its core, but its union of strong words and minimal electronics saw a fresh voice articulated a much-needed rage, anger, hurt and hope.

Fully remastered, and with initial vinyl copies featuring a special new sleeve designed by the duo’s friend and collaborator British artist Cold War Steve, this new edition offers a chance to fully appreciate a band hitting their artistic stride while acknowledging that its rebuttal of many of the dark forces that triggered its creation remains sadly relevant today.

Pre-order / Pre-save Divide and Exit (10th Anniversary) here.

Stream / Download ‘Tied Up In Nottz’ here.

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