Arca releases surprise album kiCK iiiii

Arca is a singularity, a point where our preconceptions and prior knowledge break down, an entrance into a new realm of being. Her transcendent, transgressive body of work has collapsed long-standing barriers that once seemed impermeable: between artist and art, between human and technology, between avant-garde and pop, and between the many disciplines—from music to visual art to fashion and beyond—where she’s made her indelible mark.

To complete the KICK series, Arca has surprise released kiCK iiiii. Within, the ambient ecstasy of kick iiii transitions swiftly into the serenity of lullaby-like compositions as we come to the conclusion of the KICK series; the renewal stage. Featuring a spoken-word track titled ‘Sanctuary,’ in which Ryuchi Sakamoto meditatively recites Arca’s intersectional rallying cry “mutant faith,” she dives inward to find solace, as she prepares for her next rebirth, which we see upon us in kiCK iiiii’s closing song ‘Crown.’

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