Becca Mancari announces new EP Juniata

Becca Mancari announces her forthcoming digital EP, Juniata, out March 19 via Captured Tracks. Along with the announcement, Mancari shares ‘Annie’, a nostalgic tune reminiscent of old hollywood film soundtracks, featuring a lush strings quintet. Listen to ‘Annie’ here. Confronting one’s past doesn’t always end in a fiery explosion – sometimes, acceptance has the quiet strength of water. Mancari knows this; it’s why she chose to name her new EP Juniata​, after the rural Pennsylvania river where she spent much of her childhood. In this new collection, she returns to her past both literally and figuratively, casting new light with a stripped-down selection of some of her sophomore album’s most haunting tracks.

Becca Mancari on ‘Annie’ – “I grew up watching 1950’s and 60’s movies that my grandma would record for us because we didn’t have TV growing up. The thing that I loved the most about these old films was the music… it was a time period where it felt almost appropriate to be a little dramatic in this lush orchestral fashion. So when I wrote “Annie” I wanted to harken back to that time of feeling like you were swept up into a dance. Also, I wrote this song on the front porch where I started my other band Bermuda Triangle. We used to play it during our live set, where Brittany would rip this incredible solo on classical guitar. “Annie” has definitely lived a few lives already, but it feels right that it would now be on this EP. It’s a little piece of coming back home.”

Stream ‘Annie’ now. 

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