Blawan shares new EP, Woke Up Right Handed

Following the release of ‘Under Belly‘ – one of the most talked-about tracks in dance music this year – English producer and DJ Blawan shares his XL Recordings / Remote Control Records debut EP, Woke Up Right Handed. Alongside the project’s release, hailed by The Quietus as “the sound of a producer at the very top of his game right now”, Blawan shares focus track ‘Blika‘.

Moving away from the club and touring DJ life to focus on in-studio production; the EP sees Blawan put his vast knowledge from a decade-long career into perfecting wide-ranging sounds he has always wanted to explore. Flexing a deep technical ability across all the tracks on the EP, the production shines from every sound and arrangement.

Going some way towards shedding the ‘techno’ box he has so often been put in, Woke Up Right Handed makes a case for the future of music being completely fluid, further spelling the end of the ‘genre’.

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