Chastity Belt present video for new single ‘Fake’ & release ‘Fake/Fear’ 7″

Fake / Fear the band’s new single, picks up where their self-titled fourth album left off. A mantra sits at the heart of ‘Fake’, on which Julia Shapiro examines her inability to be vulnerable. “I’m a fake,” she sings repeatedly, as she takes stock of a situation in which all language broke down and communication failed. “The song is about not being able to be honest with someone and say what you mean,” she explains. “I wrote it because I couldn’t express in words how I was feeling.” 

These two songs emphasise the dual nature of Chastity Belt: interior and exterior, catharsis and introspection, play and hesitation. Yet more than anything else, they are the work of four friends with the unique ability to render heady emotional territory lighter than air and the power to make that feeling universal.

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