Ex-Olympian debut album Afterlife out now

Melbourne’s Ex-Olympian, aka Liam McGorry, releases his debut album Afterlife via Dot Dash Recordings.

Featuring McGorry’s vocal debut ‘Voices In My Head‘, soulful second single ‘Lilac Youth‘ co-written and sung by former Saskwatch bandmate Nkechi Anele, the funk-driven ‘Penny In The Well‘ featuring Sam Lawrence and disco-tinged ‘Netherworld Boogie‘, Afterlife is now here to be listened and danced to in full.

Ex-Olympian is the new musical vessel for Liam McGorry – songwriter & musician for bands such as Saskwatch and Dorsal Fins. Named after the neon sign that adorns ‘Borsari’s Corner’ in Melbourne’s Lygon St, Ex-Olympian reflects the times we all need to shift things forward into a new phase.

Afterlife is a record about growing, moving on and learning from your mistakes… finding yourself again, making the road by walking. Written and recorded over a three year period in a series of phases; spurred on by wanting to be more directly involved in the playing and creation side of music, after working in larger ensembles for a long time. Chipping away on songs in his own studio space, inviting friends to play on different songs, and then tied together with friend and producer John Castle. What started as a quest to do more on ones own, became the realisation that music is truly a series of collaborations to be enjoyed together.

In divisive times, what would you take with you into the Afterlife? Ex-Olympian says “connection”.

Listen / Buy Ex-Olympian – Afterlife

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