Fat Freddy’s Drop new album Special Edition Part 1 out now

Fat Freddy’s Drop Special Edition Part 1 is available digitally and on all streaming services now. Chur. 

This very special record, the band’s fifth studio album will be available on CD and double vinyl in December. Part 2 is out in the latter half of 2020. 

Fat Freddy’s Drop means different things to different people. Hundreds of thousands of fans have seen this internationally renowned live and recorded band play over the last two decades and four acclaimed studio albums. Everyone has their own unique and unforgettable Freddy’s tale to tell.

The making of Part 1 was a brave new frontier: each member of the band was wired into DJ Fitchie’s production software at a specific tempo, while being tasked with using electronic instruments other than those more readily associated with the band. After long jamming sessions the heaviest grooves were targeted and so the real recording began.

It’s yours now, here

Watch the video for ‘Special Edition.’

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