friendships and Jess Ribeiro – new tracks from Bloom and Simmer

Pleased to reveal two new tracks from our upcoming inaugural compilation Bloom and Simmer – one from Melbourne singer-songwriter Jess Ribeiro and one from Melbourne audio/visual duo friendships. Digitally released on Friday 26th June, the compilation is a celebration of community, connexion and creativity featuring 21 tracks you’ve never heard before from the Remote Control Records family of artists.

This is the music they make when they’re not making music; a dive beneath the waves, a journey off the beaten path, a glimpse behind the curtain.

Speaking about ‘Ghost‘, Jess Ribeiro shares – “Ghost is about a friend who died a few years ago. A lifelong creative comrade and rascal, we met when we were 5. I thought we’d be together until we both grew really old. Written and recorded at Neil Finn’s place in Auckland during the 2019 APRANZ co-writing sessions. Neil’s wife has a lampshade shop next door so all the rooms at his studio (Roundhead) are full of weird and beautiful light fittings. I liked tinkering around the building playing their instruments and looking at all the cool trinkets they owned like life sized porcelain leopards and whacky outsider style paintings. It was inspiring, everyone was friendly. I love New Zealand, it’s a groovy vibe.”

Speaking about ‘Purebred Dogs ft. Yaw Faso & thelovelyme‘, Nic Brown from friendships shares – “I did this groove edit in 2016 as a B side to Purebred Dogs. The original is so fast and maximalist, with the intent to feel rushed, rattling, overwhelming and intense. Yaw Faso and thelovelyme are rapid fire at 140bpm, so I wanted to slow it down by 50bpm and explore intonation and create groove – kind of like walking around their words (underneath and above) and let the backing sonics bloom and simmer. I finished the edit, played it out a couple of times and never released it. The beat now, seems timestamped to the producer I was in 2016. Aggressive EQ’s, exaggerated fx, intense saturation, seemingly archaic techniques which are equally engaging, periodical and perplexing. I thought this would never leave my hard drive, so I’m really happy it’s found a home on this compilation.”

These two new tracks follow the release of Sunbeam Sound Machine‘s ‘Worry Wart‘ and HANDSOME’s cover of Christine and the Queen’s ‘The Walker‘ featuring Essie Holt. HANDSOME has now released a beautiful accompanying video which you can watch here.

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