Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life 10th anniversary reissue out now

In 2011, Toronto’s Fucked Up delivered an album that chafed the edges of punk rock’s conceptual boundaries – a set of songs that splayed freely into unexpected instrumentation, psychedelic drift, and situationist philosophy. Its ambition was limitless and its run time opulent. Which is to say, they made a concept album.  
Matador Records / Remote Control Records celebrate’s the 10th anniversary of Fucked Up’s titanic 78-minute early ’10s masterpiece, David Comes to Life, with a limited-edition 2xLP reissue on lightbulb-yellow vinyl.   
The compilation David’s Town – a companion to David Comes to Life, previously available only on vinyl – has also been made available on streaming for the first time ever. And you can watch a short documentary on the album directed by Robert Semmer HERE.

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