Gel Set releases new single & video ‘Feed Me’

Conceptual multimedia artist Laura Callier, aka Gel Set, releases her fourth single ‘Feed Me’ off forthcoming album, Tone Invasionout April 30 via 2MR. The video for ‘Feed Me,’ directed by Sean KcGuirk,  is a retro 1-800 ad playing on addiction to consumerism and the balance of satisfaction. One thing is clear, we are sold on Gel Set. This track follows the first hypnotic single ‘It Has Come To Our Attention’, second single ‘Where The Ocean Meets The Land’, and third single ‘Next Exit’, a cinematic track about escaping reality by, well, escaping. Watch ‘Feed Me’ here.

Gel Set on ‘Feed Me’: “Riding the ups and downs of life and my moods, I find myself amidst this abstract striving for a happine’s that I can’t even completely define. Is happiness feeling physically, emotionally, and psychologically good at every moment? Wealth and achievement of all professional and creative goals? Romantic satisfaction and no distress in any relationship? No problems in any area of my life? When laid out in concrete terms, perfect “happiness” sounds like what it is—impossible, antithetical to the more relatable mantra that “life is suffering,” with beautiful moments along the way. Capitalism plays into this yearning, this battle for the ever elusive happiness and contentment—if I can just buy the right facial serum, I can look eternally youthful and secure my perfect soulmate and live happily ever after—if I can just buy one more synthesizer, I’ll make the song that everyone loves and they’ll love me—etc etc etc. When do I make the final purchase that finally fills the need? Is that where a coffin salesman comes into play?”

Listen, download ‘Feed Me’

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