Hachiku releases ‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ and announces album

Hachiku has announced her debut album and released the title track ‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep.’

‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ is a dream-pop jam on yearning for other experiences & feelings with growling guitars, vigorous drum-machines, topped with gentle, omniscient vocals.

Of the track, Anika Ostendorf says, “In essence, it is like an escapist’s testament about the wish to gain sovereignty over your thoughts. Freud’s id vs superego. The thought of wanting to be part of something but the idea of it being way more enticing than the reality. Musically I wanted it to sound like a chainsaw playing the lead melody in an organ ensemble. It’s the only song on the album that I recorded with the band and their parts really lift it from bedroom pop to stadium power rock.”

Originally from Germany, 26-year old Anika Ostendorf moved to Australia from London as a biology exchange student. In Melbourne, she found both a job and music community at Milk! Records and expanded her bedroom project into a band. Since releasing her self-titled debut EP in 2017, Hachiku has taken her catchy melodies, highly tasteful, textural guitar playing and shimmering walls of sound across the world touring with the likes of Courtney Barnett, The Breeders, Jose Gonzales, Jen Cloher and Snail Mail, Stella Donnelly, Aldous Harding and Hand Habits across the US, EU and Australia.

‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ will be released November 13th.

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