Hachiku shares new song ‘Shark Attack’

In the past couple of years, Hachiku bandleader Anika Ostendorf found herself dealing with darker themes; a 25-year-old’s quarter-life crisis around growing up, changing views and feeling mounting frustrations.

The Melbourne-based band, known for their self-produced dream-pop jams release a new single & video, ‘Shark Attack,’ a study of loss and grieving, following a grim diagnosis of Ostendorf’s family dog Lexus.

Ostendorf says of ‘Shark Attack’: “If you’re like my friend Tushara you might think this song is about oral sex. I think it very clearly references my little dog childhood best friend Lexus being diagnosed with throat cancer and the emotional devastation his looming death left me in. 

Watch the video below. And stream the track here via Milk! Records.

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