Harsh Riddims 2013 – 2016 Compilation Out 4th November

Harsh Riddims 2013 – 2016, a compilation that can almost be coined a “Best Of”. That we are releasing a best-of compilation of another label’s work is not the only item of note with this forthcoming album. This will mark the first time all of these tracks will be available on vinyl – previously they could only be found on cassette or download. Furthermore, Harsh Riddims 2013 – 2016 will feature unreleased tracks from Cringe Machine as well as a TWINS remix of a Love Letters song. An interview between Harsh Riddims’ Ryan Parks and 2MR’s Mike Simonetti (and vice versa) make up the liner notes.

Harsh Riddims, based in Atlanta, GA, has been written about in, among other magazines, The New Yorker and The Wire in pieces that highlight both the label as well as Atlanta’s place in 2016’s music landscape. Harsh Riddims 2013 – 2016 features the up and coming artist REKchampa (aka Stefan Ringer) and his single ‘Rood Style Taped Out’ and WGM’s ‘Turn’ whose latest single (as Cities Aviv) ‘Melanin Drop’ was coined a “Best New Track” by Pitchfork.

Pre-order Harsh Riddims 2013 – 2016 Compilation here.

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