Introducing – Boss Battle Records

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Remote Control are thrilled to announce new partnership with Boss Battle Records, a new video game music record label. Focusing to bring the best of new, obscure, and esteemed video game music to global audiences, and in doing so, facilitate VGM culture the world over.

Founded by Fabian Malabello, after running The Otherworld Agency for five years, Boss Battle Records marks a serious shift in the way video game soundtracks are released.

Curtis Schweitzer (Starbound) will release a soundtrack for the upcoming title ‘Earthlight,’ a Virtual Reality astronaut experience being developed by Opaque Space in collaboration with NASA. Explore some of the universe via the trailer below.

BBR’s initial portfolio are soundtracks from highly successful indie video games such as ‘Hacknet’ and ‘This Is The Police’.

The Remote Control and Boss Battle Records partnership is an exciting step forward into the world of video game music releases, with some of the most interesting and stimulating sounds to be heard, either through your console, radio or beyond.

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