Introducing Ece Era

Ece Era (pronounced “Edge-eh”) is the artist name and electronic project of Turkish musician and filmmaker Ece Eryavuz. From Istanbul to NYC to Belgium, Ece has consistently been on a mission to explore her creative and philosophical interests. After landing in Belgium to focus her studies on film, she discovered the freedom of making electronic music through her peers who grew up in the local music scene. She recently signed to 2MR to release her debut, 3-track EP, War On Innocence which sees its release June 10th. Using elements of Eurodance and Trance, Ece laid the foundation for each track, iterating on them until they reached a sense of timelessness.

Her warm, ethereal new single ‘Chero’ spawned from breaking off a relationship that got controlling – she was banned from making art or posting photos of her own. “It was his disrespect that served as the push I needed to have the confidence to start making music,” Ece reveals. “Despite its ugliness, the relationship introduced me to the world of electronic music. Soon after, I borrowed an MS20 from a friend and wrote the melody for ‘Chero’. There’s a change of key in the verse that was initially an accident, but because it sounded right, I wanted to explore it. The process of making this song was full of discovery – I was able to experiment freely and be confident with the unusual choices because I was very new at making this kind of music and wasn’t bound by convention.”

‘Chero’ is available today alongside a stunning, emotional visual self-directed by Ece Era. Watch below.

Listen / purchase ‘Chero’ here.

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