Introducing – Gel Set

Gel Set is the solo project from multimedia artist Laura Callier and she returns with new album Body Copy, released 20 October. Alongside this announcement comes a first taste of the record, the dreamy, gauzy electro-pop ‘Don’t You Miss Me?’. Listen below!

The record was born after a move from Chicago to LA to pursue sound design and post production. Callier came to find loneliness in this overpopulated city, searching for familiar faces at shows, stores, sidewalks. Strangers looked like variants of loved ones which helped Gel Set come to the realisation that the world is full of body copies.

Body Copy is an album of psychedelic electro. Laura’s softly spoken, trance like vocals are accompanied by experimental bedroom production which includes a number of film samples / sound effects she gathered at an unpaid job she was working.

Gel Set is the art that Callier makes in her noisy Koreatown room. Laura succeeds in creating something truly unique and individual which does really have you answering her question of “What is the content of your body’s copy?”

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