Introducing – Goat Girl

Next month, teenage South London four piece, Goat Girl release their debut 7″ with two songs, each one a caustic commentary on the England they’ve grown up in: ‘Country Sleaze’ is a brooding two-chord time capsule that sounds like it’s been beamed over from a Seattle divebar in 1989. Both tracks were recorded purposefully quickly in a no-nonsense north London studio a few weeks ago with fast-rising producer Margo Broom.

Goat Girl are a special band. Songs that use subtlety as their main ingredient while remaining disarmingly fierce at every turn. Lyrics that mean everything despite being written down in the most simplistic and non-aggressive way possible… They are an anomaly in the UK music scene as 2016 draws to a draggy close: four people playing guitars, bass and drums who have the ability to make you feel alive again.

Goat Girl are Clottie Cream, Rosy Bones, Naima Jelly and L.E.D.

As rare as they are refreshing, the band’s plan from here is simple: get ‘Country Sleaze’ and ‘Scum’ out into the world ASAP, hit the road, and record a debut album that has, as Naima puts it, “spirit, strength and simplicity” at its heart.

Listen / Purchase ‘Country Sleaze’ here.

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