Introducing: Orb

The skies have opened and dropped on us a trio of kids from Geelong, Australia packing some seriously futuristic sludge: ORB. A heaping helping of proto-metal chops meets paranoid sci-fi fantastical ravings, replete with some tasty syntheisiser werk, and lovingly close mic’d to perfection by Total Control’s own Mikey Young. These epics swing with demonic swagger and crackle with the static of a menacing future, twisting and churning through loose-limbed riffery, all punctuated by a wail emanating from behind enemy lines.

ORB are proggy, in-the-pocket, head-trippy fuzz, on LP for your top shelf stash, and plans are in the works to bring their dystopian groove your way soon. In the meantime, the lead single ‘First And Last Men’ has premiered on Flood Magazine. Listen to it below.

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