Introducing Ryan Fennis & Voidhood

Pointer Recordings is proud to introduce Canberra artists Ryan Fennis and Voidhood. ‘Tapped‘ is the first release from the duo’s collaborative project and is accompanied by an electrifying video.

Morphing together their bass-heavy, sample-driven electronic styles, the pair shape an unstable sound reflecting the increasingly distorted world we find ourselves in. Inspired by their everyday lives and the drive to create something unique and true to self, through ‘Tapped’Ryan Fennis and Will Klep (Voidhood) upend the preconceived ideas of mediocracy associated with the city they come from. The single attempts to highlight that every person, every location and everything has a depth greater than face value.

Ryan Fennis experiments with a collage-style songwriting process and bent production sensibility. Fennis explores alternate realities, the confines and potentials in genre and culture, and what it is to create in the technological age through his music and visuals. Ryan’s EP Iceberg was released in October 2020.

Voidhood toys with his listeners as an unreliable narrator, warping his baritone voice between abrasive flows and crystallised auto-tune. His production blends experimental electronic and goth tied up in heavy 808s and dissolving sounds. Voidhood’s upcoming debut record PSYCHTHRILLER intends to evoke the insular, ambiguous qualities of films from the genre of the same name.

Together, Ryan Fennis and Voidhood attempt to give shape and sound to what it means to live in a present-day, technological dystopia, centred in Australia’s capital city. On joining the Pointer Recordings family, the duo share:

Over the last few years, I’ve been experimenting with my sound to something that feels truly myself, and waiting for the right people who want to get behind it. Pointer seems like the perfect fit to me – they’re genuine people and they genuinely fuck with the sound and look that I’m developing.” – Ryan Fennis

“Thrilled to be joining Pointer with our collaboration. There’s so much room for more experimentation and wild sounds in Australian music so having a label like Pointer championing this eclectic roster of artists has me ecstatic. They feel future-facing, and unafraid to throw aside old models in favour of artists and supporting their visions.” – Voidhood

Stream, download ‘Tapped.’

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