Introducing Tilly Tjala Thomas and Plastix

Part Time Records announce two emerging South Australian artists – Tilly Tjala Thomas and Plastix – as the latest signings to PTR Singles Club, a newly formed split 7” singles club developed as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Hailing from the Fleurieu Peninsula, emerging songwriter Tilly Tjala Thomas has been writing and performing her own songs around Adelaide since the age of 11. This year has seen Tilly complete her final year of high school, electing to undertake a creative mentorship with Memphis LK as her major school project. As premiered last night on triple j’s Good NightsTilly Tjala Thomas releases her new single ‘Ngana Nyunyi’. 

The music video for single ‘Ngana Nyunyi’ directed by Larrakia artist and producer Jimblah, was filmed on Nukunu country in the Southern Flinders and tells the storyline of the song. Tilly states “It started as a game that my dad would use to help my little sister and I learn Nukunu language.” She continues “On long drives Dad would ask, ‘Ngana Nyunyi (what’s that?)’ and we’d reply ‘Nyunyi kulpi/yirta/thartu (that’s a cloud/bird/hill)’.

Tilly’s father would use the exercise as a way to connect his daughters to their culture whilst also instilling a sense of pride and appreciation for her Nukunu heritage that is ever-present throughout her work.


Self-taught newcomer Plastix is a young producer and multi-disciplinary artist emerging from the isolation of his bedroom studio in Adelaide with debut single ‘Wholesome Punks’, the first release from his extensive solitary body of work. Speaking of the song Plastix elaborates “This is a song about love. Realising that love cannot heal someone or fix someone. The dialogue present in the song is not between two people, but between a person and their mind.”  With influences ranging from Bowie to J Dilla, ‘Wholesome Punks’ lays down a low tempo groove, monotonous vocals and dreamy sonic textures that belong to that final hour before the sun comes up.

Stream ‘Wholesome Punks.’ now 


Made possible through funding from South Australia’s Music Development OfficeVolume 1 of the Singles Club will feature 3 x split 7” singles available via as well as digitally. The vinyl release features cover artwork by Adelaide illustrator Luku and each copy is individually hand-numbered and pressed on coloured vinyl. The first release from the series is out now and includes singles from Siberian Tiger and Tiles.

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