Introducing Velvet Negroni

Meet Velvet Negroni – experimental R&B vocalist and songwriter, based in Minneapolis. His debut album NEON BROWN is out 30 August on 4AD. Listen to first single ‘CONFETTI’ here.

Velvet Negroni is the alter-ego of creative polymath Jeremy Nutzman. Raised in an outer suburb of the Twin Cities, Jeremy – a black kid adopted into a white evangelical Christian family – split his formative years between classical piano lessons and late night jam sessions. It’s a duality that permeates every corner of his music. He thrives in the cross section between R&B and indie rock.

He has toured with close friend Bon Iver, accumulated writing credits for Kanye West and Kid Cudi, and is now ready strike out on his solo debut.

Check the visuals below.

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