Introducing Wade Jackson

Hailing from regional NSW, Wade Jackson is a creative polymath. Songwriter, musician and film director, he knows how to draw the observer and listener into an immersive sensory world of sound and vision. Across five albums he’s covered wide musical ground, from jangly folk-rock to indie guitar and psych-pop sounds. 

Now comes the next avant garde chapter in Wade’s musical career. ‘Limelight’ emerges twitching, writhing, pulsing and electronically convulsing. Like Bowie and Suicide in hi-fidelity 4K, ‘Limelight’ is hypnotic, with waning vintage synths and tribal-esque drums, the latter evolving from the coal freight trains passing through regional NSW. The middle of the song blossoms into glittering star and spark melodies before the lights again dim and the mood darkens.

Listen / purchase ‘Limelight’ here.

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