Jack Ladder shares Iggy Pop cover ‘Shades’

Jack Ladder has released new track ‘Shades’ – a desolate and beautiful cover of the underrated romantic highlight from Iggy Pop’s 1986 album Blah-Blah-Blah. ‘Shades’ is released alongside the slinky and lovelorn B-Side ‘Head Full of Nails’ – a fitting follow-up to Ladder’s 5th album Blue Poles released last year via Barely Dressed Records.

‘Shades’ may seem tongue-in-cheek, but Ladders performance comes from a place of deep affinity and admiration. As Ladder explains;

I remember first seeing the video for Shades when the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s programmed Rage about ten years ago. It was a big moment. It was a different side of Iggy. He was being honest and heartfelt, romantic even, which made it funny. It had a redemptive quality to it. All the ingredients for a good song.”

Stream it here.

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