JAZZPARTY release Nobody Gets Away

Late nights, sweaty bodies, blue smoke and beer-fuelled dance freak-outs over a gravely wailing saxophone – think New Orleans processionals meets Twin Peaks. Another crazy year and JAZZPARTY are here on the ropes with you, putting out a new album for all the lovers and haters of jazz.

Following singles ‘Higher With My Love’‘Nobody Gets Away’ & ‘Hearts Gonna Leave’, the Melbourne cult party outfit today release their new album Nobobody Gets Away via Remote Control Records. Alongside its release comes a new video for the album’s title track.

Of the video, JAZZPARTY bandleader, vocalist, and saxophonist Darcy McNulty shares:

“‘Nobody Gets Away’ was done in one take, in black & white, with a spotlight in a friend’s shed in Reservoir, and shot by maestro cinematographer Zakaria Garmsiri. With a collection of JAZZPARTY cult members, who may or may not have drunk some Kool-Aid, we did a little choreography together. The setting is 40s/50s Noir. The golden age of Hollywood. The Protagonist wakes up in a dream… Soon we begin a collective modern dance on the themes of loneliness, chaos, absurdism, substance abuse, claustrophobia and existential angst. ‘Nobody Gets Away’ puts the dance back in avoidance. We never really get away with anything, including our lives, our hopes, and our bodies. Not to say escapism isn’t a whole lot of fun. We play many roles in this dream, a detective, a drinker, a lover, a heroine, a musician, a gangster, a gambler… in the end… NOBODY GETS AWAY.”

JAZZPARTY – Nobody Gets Away.

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