Jeremy Neale announces debut album + shares new single Dancin’ & Romancin’

Front man of Brisbane’s Velociraptor, Jeremy Neale has announced his debut solo album Getting The Team Back Together, released Friday 3 November. To celebrate, he’s dropped the video for first single Dancin’ & Romancin’. Check it below!

As Jeremy says of the track: “Dancin’ & Romancin’ is about how hard it can be to maintain a relationship when you and your partner have very different working schedules. When the stars eventually align and you both get a night off together however, it’s a wonderful reunion and the trials in between are quickly forgotten.”

“The video was directed by the talented Jennifer Embelton. I met with my friend James Frostick and he told me of his brilliant plan to record the new single, live and in one take, at The Plutonium in Brisbane. As soon as we started playing the song he was fielding calls from industry power players and we were rollin’ in cash and adoring fans.”

Getting The Team Back Together is a collection of unassailable power pop that documents growth, love, doubt and the eternal pursuit of happiness. Each track by itself is exemplary, but as a whole each song supports the other. Like friends. Like a team. The album is now available for pre-order here.

Listen / purchase Dancin’ & Romancin’ here.

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