Jeremy Neale shares ‘Still Want You Around Me’

The grind is tough. We’re all just trying to get by – but at what cost? You can chase a dream but if you’re in the working class – everything else suffers for it. In ‘Still Want You Around Me’ Jeremy Neale explores the sentiments not often shared with those closest to us when we’re strung out or snowed under – featuring the feel-good sing-a-long chorus of the summer!

The video is a lighthearted clip, which highlights the importance of friendship. Neale says of the video “I jumped at the chance to work with Muppy again. One of the finest actors of our generation and someone who brings integrity and real-world grit to any role they take on.

In this case, in a video filmed and edited by renowned director Jesse Hawkins, amongst a backdrop reminiscent of the mean streets of Sesame – we took on the intense subject matter of friends who are doing it tough but don’t wanna talk about the reasons why. Heck, maybe they wanna sing about it instead. Maybe this solves nothing and they might’ve just needed some space. Either way, if you’re doing it tough and I can help in anyway – let it be known that I “Still Want You Around Me”.

Jeremy Neale’s new album We Were Trying To Make It Out, is released 28 Feb. Preorder it here.



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