John Tsung shares debut single & video ‘Eastern Standard’

New York-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JOHN TSUNG has shared his debut single ‘Eastern Standard‘ via Broken Stone Records / Remote Control Records. The lead single of forthcoming album Empire Postcards, the influence of alternative greats like PJ Harvey seeps into ‘Eastern Standard,’ where TSUNG points to the perplexity of Asian Americanness (“Fraud or faker, native liar/Alien or traitor/Skin loyalty, what lies beneath/Gets paler day by day”).

JOHN TSUNG’s Empire Postcards is an album of Asian American stories, as told through American strains of rock, indie, and folk. These narratives stem from interviews and conversations with immigrants across the continent that TSUNG held over the last three years.  They embody a wide range of stories – concerning love, loss, patriotism, and regret – that challenge conventional wisdom about being Asian American. 

Stream / Download John Tsung – ‘Eastern Standard’

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