June Jones shares new song and video ‘Home’

Home‘ is the third single from June Jones‘ self-produced sophomore album, Leafcutter, out February 19th via her label Emotion Punk Records in collaboration with Remote Control Records. This bittersweet art-pop epic opens with a rhythmic arpeggiated bass line that runs through the song, hinting at inspiration from tracks off Robyn’s 2010 album, Body Talk. Confessional and poetic verses culminate in choruses that ache with chalky syncopated synths which sit behind Jones’ full-throated declaration that “This is now / and this is home / and home is all I’ve ever wanted“.

Of the single, Jones says “It’s a song about being a trans woman in love, both with another person, and (eventually, hopefully) with herself. It’s a reflection on the idea of the body as a place that we are always arriving at, a home that is both constant and constantly changing.”

The video for ‘Home’, directed by Geoffrey O’Connor, was shot almost entirely in front of a green screen. Like all of Jones’ clips, its concept was her own, saying that “Originally, I was planning to play just a single character in the clip, one who could embody the way that I see myself – as a trans woman, as someone whose relationship with her body has been tumultuous but in no way wholly negative. It soon dawned on me that I could never do that with just one character. So I play a dystopian science fiction character, who speaks to my experience as a cyborg, having undergone 6 years of hormone replacement therapy and multiple surgical interventions. And I play the ancient Greek tragedy actress, who embodies the way that my experience of gender fits inside a supposed tradition of “womanhood”, as well as entertaining my love for melodrama. And I play the lesbian housewife, who longs to be loved and felt, to feel and to love.”

‘Home’ is the singer’s most ambitious and epic music video to date. The clip was made with the help of assistant director Lara Gissing, stylist Thea Basiliou, makeup artists Chloe Rose and Zoe Jane, and it features a stunning cameo from the singer’s friend, Kalyani Mumtaz.

Stream ‘Home’ now.

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