Kedr Livanskiy releases new album Liminal Soul

Kedr Livanskiy has released her new album Liminal Soul, via 2MR / Remote Control Records. Liminal Soul plays like an opera. It’s expansive, timeless and finds the Russian producer/musician pushing the boundaries of electronic songwriting. 

In the past, Livanskiy’s vocals were used sparingly, a gentler element in a larger production tapestry. On Liminal Soul, though, she’s brought them to the forefront. With this liberation came the freedom to experiment with the voice as an instrument as well.

On Liminal Soul she injects her infectious club beats with a dose of the natural, crafting a transcendent collection of deconstructed break pop. From the angelic choral opener ‘Celestial Ether‘ to the moodier outro ‘Storm Dancer‘, the listener enters a state of suspended reality where they are transported to dark cityscapes and verdant rural sprawls, futuristic societies and ancient ones, all in the same stroke. In the end, Livanskiy doesn’t propose a single path forward. The point, instead, is to make peace with the fluctuation itself.

Purchase / Download Kedr Livanskiy – Liminal Soul

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