Lina Tullgren shares ‘Saiddone’

Lina Tullgren shares a new video ‘Saiddone,’ the third and final single from their forthcoming album Free Cell, out 23 August via Captured Tracks.

Directed by Jack Gobillot, the ‘Saiddone‘ video stars Lina and ends in an alien encounter.

Gobillot explains: “There’s a hypnotic, and meditative quality to Lina’s ‘Saiddone’ that drew me in immediately. The song speaks indirectly to how we all try to reconcile emotions with rationality, and how that can be a self-alienating process. I wanted to show a character going through this experience using visuals that were uncanny, lighthearted, and vivid. I love sci-fi, especially when it’s lo-fi, and wanted to incorporate that aesthetic. Nicholas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell to Earth offered a fair amount of inspiration. Lina plays a similar character in this, someone who’s not quite human, and has a bad relationship with Earth. They want one thing, though maybe know they shouldn’t, and the audience is left to wonder how things will turn out.”

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