Listen: Bing & Ruth ‘Nearer (Solo Piano)’

Released is the solo piano version of Nearer’, a transcendent and beautiful interpretation that blossoms as its own unique work. This track is from Bing & Ruth’s new EP Species which comes out July 15.

Moore says, “While I wrote and recorded the songs on Species with an organ I had always felt, in the back of my mind, that they would also be interesting pieces to approach on the piano.  So last winter when I found myself at the foot of a beautiful Steinway during a residency at Pulp Arts in Gainesville, FL it seemed like the perfect moment to set about reimagining them in that way.  What you hear on this EP are the recordings of ‘Body In a Room’ and ‘Nearer’, respectively the first and last tracks from the album, performed with just me and that piano. Both songs explore the relationship between body and spirit, with ‘Nearer’ being a humble meditation onconnection to a higher presence.

Stream / Download ‘Nearer’ here.

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