Listen: Cavallo Nero ‘Chi-Co-La (Remixes)’

Two new remixes of ‘Chi-Co-La’ are available now – one by Frank Topaz & the other by Spod.

Frank Topaz remix: Lured out of retirement by the opportunity to grow new house cuttings from these assorted stems, the Frank Topaz remix takes the vocals on a dark horse journey via the bygone dance floors of Manchester, Mallorca and Milan. Now operating from an abandoned warehouse in Malaga, Western Australia, Frank Topaz (Total Giovanni) has blown the virtual dust off his drum machines, speakers and insomnia to produce this offering to the dance floor gods of times past. Sea salt, tobacco, bitter citrus and MDMA. Buon appetito my loves.

Spod remix: From humble beginnings birthed this unsolicited 12 bit banger.  A lost stranger the woods of the future, a ghost of dance clubs past, a warm breeze in the icy plains of digital work stations comes a simple screenless chunk of clipped bits and bobs sampled & sequenced in the 5 seconds of sample time of the E-MU SP12 through the reviled Alesis 3630 onto 2 tracks of the Tascam 388 tape machine. A real grandad doing burnouts in his old school carpark.

Stream / purchase ‘Chi-Co-La (Remixes)’ here.

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