Listen: Chastity – ‘Heaven Hell Anywhere Else’

Chastity (aka Brandon Williams) shares new single ‘Heaven Hell Anywhere Else’, taken from his forthcoming debut album, Death Lust, out Friday 13 July. He says “this song is about trying to get into heaven with my friends, or doing all that we can together to survive.”

Reflecting the working class background of Whitby, Ontario, Chastity’s songs are charged with the ethos of archetypal youth on the fringe. Chastity stands to confront the struggles of those existing in the unseen, often silenced periphery. It is an artifact of youth culture constantly working to form community, bridging isolation with collectivity.

Death Lust follows the plot of suffering to survival, evolving from start to finish in a crescendo of severity. Chastity explains, “Death Lust is about growing up death obsessed. It’s about the pain that it takes but the capacity that we have to overcome.”  Pre-order Death Lust here.

Last month, Chastity released the video for album opener ‘Children’. It is centred around an incident and events that followed in Williams’ home town of Whitby. An off-duty police officer named Michael Theriualt and his brother allegedly beat a young black man, Dafonte Miller, with a steel pipe while he was walking near his home which left the victim blind in one eye. Watch below.

Stream / Purchase ‘Heaven Hell Anywhere Else’ here.

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