Listen: Good Morning – ‘For A Little While’ + ‘Just A Man’

Good morning share new singles ‘For A Little While’ + ‘Just A Man’ from their new album Prize // Reward, out Friday 11th May. This new set of singles, including their earlier singles from the record sees the duo demonstrate a unique versatility in their songwriting, swapping roles. Listen below!

Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, high school friends who grew up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, slowly began to spend their weekends tinkering away in a home studio, experimenting with songwriting and recording techniques, slowly perfecting their craft behind closed doors.

While their trademark recording techniques and home studio sound are on show here, the real jaw-dropper is in the band’s knack for songwriting, their simple ability to tug on the listener’s heartstrings and make them stop dead in their tracks, wondering about someone they haven’t spoken to in a while or a lover they left behind. Prize // Reward is available for pre-order here.

‘For A Little While’ is built on a bed of drum machines, piano chords and cryptic lyrics from one half of Good Morning, Stefan Blair. Those who want to know will have to ask Stefan what they’re about.

Almost the opposite, ‘Just A Man’ is a simple pop song that coasts by in two quick minutes. If you wanna understand the lyrics, you’d have to ask Liam what they’re about.

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