Listen – HANDSOME ‘Save Some Love’

Sydney-based HANDSOME shares brand new track, ‘Save Some Love’,┬áthe second single since her emotive debut, ‘Late Night Ball Game feat. Joyride’. Listen below!

HANDSOME details, “‘Save Some Love’ is a reminder to love yourself. We allow ourselves too often to give all of our energy, positivity and love out to other people, we often for get to leave a little for ourselves. This song has many different stories to it, many heroines that I have met in my life that have done and said things that have reminded me how important self-love and authenticity truly is.”

The bare bones of the song were written in a little studio in Sydney with Benjanmin Fletcher and David Hunt, and after creating more than 10 final versions of the song, HANDSOME settled proudly on the one you hear today.

HANDSOME is a new artist, crafting a mix of tomboy pop and brooding electronica. The bold and new sounds herald a celebration of self-expression and carefree creativity, whilst still being accompanied by obsessive perfection.

The name HANDSOME is a nod to her queer identity and is inspired by her strong friendships, falling in love, kissing girls and rolling your eyes at people who have opinions on who you should be. HANDSOME is a statement of defiance.

Stream / purchase ‘Save Some Love’:

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