Watch: jade imagine – ‘Instinct That I Wanna Know’

Following their sophomore album announcement, jade imagine offer further insight into Cold Memory with ‘Instinct I Wanna Know’. The album by the Melbourne indie-stalwarts is due out October 21st. 

Blending synths and muffled beats, ‘Instinct I Wanna Know’ is a departure from their recent ominous release. An ode to ESP (Extra-sensory perception) – feeling spiritually in sync with those closest to you – the track builds with Jade’s dreamy vocals before erupting in a lush dance-floor worthy chorus. On the theme, front woman Jade McInally explains “This is a song which explores the feeling known as “ESP”, for example, when you’re thinking about someone and they just happen to text you at exactly the same moment. The special connections you share with some people in life.”

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