Listen – Milwaukee Banks ‘The City’

Melbourne’s electronic-rap pioneers Milwaukee Banks return with new single ‘The City’. It’s their first new music since their debut album Deep Into The Night. Listen below!

The production on ‘The City’ gives way for a booming bass line, surging through a neon-bright, electrified soundscape. Dyl Thomas guides you through, delivering some of his most uninhibited, direct lyricism and flows to date. Resonating with an energy of ambition, this marks the return of a duo ready to burst past the boundaries of the new wave in Australian rap.

Dyl describes the meaning behind the song: “In a world where artists are watching what everyone else is doing, we move in our own lane, unconcerned, keeping to ourselves and moving quiet through the city, letting our music do the talking.”

Listen/purchase ‘The City’:

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