Listen: Molly Burch – ‘To The Boys’

Molly Burch shares new track ‘To The Boys’ from her forthcoming album First Flower out October 5th. Burch is both gentle and commanding on ‘To The Boys’, her enchantingly deep and smoky vocals are wrapped around shimmering guitar riffs. Listen below!

She says of the timeless offering; “I’ve been called soft-spoken a lot in my life and I feel like I’ve carried that around with me. It seems like a lot of us have internalised this image of what a “powerful” person looks and sounds like, what a leader looks and sounds like. Hopefully that’s changing. This song is about finding your power and holding it with confidence, and not apologising for being yourself.”

New album First Flower, the follow up to her debut Please Be Mine is a bright, beautiful album peppered with moments of triumph. Burch’s voice is as strong and dexterous as ever, displaying her incredible range and professionalism as a vocalist.

Stream / purchase ‘To The Boys’:

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