Listen: Rabbit Island – ‘Interstate’

In anticipation of her new album Deep in The Big due Friday 17th August, Rabbit Island has released a new single ‘Interstate’, listen below!

Amber Fresh aka Rabbit Island explains “The songs on this album were made when I was hearing from The Big a lot. The Big seemed to be teaching and comforting me, and I’d hear the voice and follow it. Sometimes I got visions, and often was intimately connected to people when they were far away – a strange and wonderful time. This song is part of all that, and is also a heartbreak/longing song – a song about someone being out of reach, but in the end realising everything is within reach. I am singing about a real heartbreak, longing for them, but all these things are transformed into something greater.”

Whilst showcasing at Changes 2018, Amber also shared a remix of first single and title-track to the album by Berko aka Andrew Wilson who is most recently known for weekly radio show on 3RRR and his labels Efficient Space and Punp.

Deep in The Big is a pure experience that will take listeners somewhere beautiful and new. In Deep in The Big Amber Fresh uses piano, guitar, organ, voice and a swag of effects to build a rippling, oceanic work. Treading her own path, Rabbit Island shoots for her own constellation of sound, lands there, and doesn’t look back. The album is available for pre-order here.

Stream / purchase ‘Interstate’:

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