Listen: SOAK – ‘Everybody Loves You’

SOAK is back today with beautiful new single ‘Everybody Loves You’, this is the first sight of new SOAK material since 2015’s critically-acclaimed debut album, Before We Forgot How To Dream. Watch the accompanying visual below!

With extensive global touring along the way – and extreme experiences which have taken her far beyond (but often back to) her close-knit hometown of Derry – Bridie has been hard at work on her forthcoming second album, which will see a release next year.

Always an artist of remarkable emotional power, lyrical depth and an instantly-identifiable sound and visuals, ‘Everybody Loves You’ begins the next, clean chapter in the unique story that is SOAK’s. With a soundscape simultaneously bigger yet closer than ever – experimental, but more direct.

‘Everybody Loves You’ (writes Bridie) “is a song about extreme denial. More specifically about my stubborn ability to convince myself I don’t want something that I do and blind my rational thought process – I suppose in this case, as a way of self-protection (and avoiding vulnerability). The lift at the end of the song (“Everybody wants you, And I do too”) represents the almost comedic/foolish acceptance of my own feelings. A 360 turn of events in which I then so desperately want all that I had rejected and pushed away. A consistent theme of my younger self.”

‘Everybody Loves You’ offers a window into the tightly-constructed world of SOAK’s second record, and also an unflinchingly-honest portrait of where Bridie (and, indeed, many of her generation who love easily, but struggle to love themselves) now arrive.

Stream / purchase ‘Everybody Loves You’:

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