Listen – Velociraptor ‘Hunk With A Hunch’

Christmas has come early. After touring across Oz this month, Brisbane’s Velociraptor have released a new single to soundtrack your summer. Hunk With A Hunch is out today via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.

As vocalist Jeremy Neale describes the track: “2 key changes, 3 verses, 1 guitar solo, a bridge, a whole lotta choruses, all in just over 2 minutes – what more do people want? …Oh, the emotional back story?

Well, he’s a hunky beach detective who thinks he’s got it all figured out but he’s about to find out that when it comes to true love, the only thing you can be sure of is that it is very real and that it is forever.”

The hype machine is churning, and ‘Hunk With A Hunch’ is the soundtrack to your summer romance with the hunky beach detective you’ve been pining over. Unless you are the beach detective, in which case – let love in.

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