Marti shares new single ‘Mothers & Fathers’

Washington-based vocalist and songwriter Marti shares her new single ‘Mothers & Fathers’. The single and accompanying video are available to buy and stream on all platforms via b4.
On ‘Mothers & Fathers’, Marti imagines a utopia for her chosen family. “This song and video are about the freedom of youth. The freedom to simply exist,” Marti explains. “We often find ourselves in a complex or “forbidden” love as one of our first experiences of romance, with all the desire to rebel and pressure to conform. I wanted to paint that story here.” Born of a desire to create a film that celebrates black joy without using race as the central theme, the ‘Mothers & Fathers’ video presents an Americana teenage dream summer starring Marti and her friends. “Our blackness is a huge piece of who we are in the diaspora,” she explains. “But we are multidimensional beings and we do not have to center that in every piece of it just because society has. It’s okay to just “be” no matter what that “be” may actually be.”

Stream ‘Mothers & Fathers’ now.

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