MC BIN LADEN signs to True Panther + announces new EP

True Panther Sounds is excited to share the music of Funk Proibidão, which translates to “strongly prohibited”, with torchbearer MC Bin Laden’s É Grau EP, coming out 12th May (digital) / 23rd June (limited 500-copy vinyl pressing).

MC Bin Laden, aka 23 year old Jefferson Christian dos Santos Lima, is the reigning ruler of São Paulo’s Baile Funk scene. Born in the Vila Progresso neighbourhood of easternmost São Paulo, Jefferson began rapping as a teenager, mostly on youtube. His life changed in 2014 when he released ‘Bin Laden Não Morreu,’ a breakout track heard throughout the fluxo street parties of Brazil’s favelas.

MC Bin Laden performs Funk Proibidão, a contemporary version of the classic sound of the favelas, Funk Carioca. The É Grau EP marks the first time that some of MC Bin Laden’s biggest tracks (hugely popular in Brazil, but still relatively underground around the world) and seldom-heard rarities alike will be available on vinyl.

Listen / purchase ‘É Grau Olha pra Traz e da Tchau’ here.


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