Mike Simonetti shares ‘Release Your Body To The Best’ & ‘Slave’

Mike Simonetti has shared ‘Release Your Body To The Best‘ and ‘Slave‘ out now on 2MR / Remote Control Records. 

It’s rare to hear an acid track with vocals these days, but when you do it’s done well and done right by New Jersey based, 2MR co-founder and producer Mike Simonetti.

Santana of French group Claap! features as guest vocalist, coaxing the listener “come to me” on minimal acid tweaker ‘Release,’ and on ‘Slave’ floating above an intensely hypnotic rhythm in francophone whisperings.

The two releases are also accompanied by a Claap! remix of ‘Slave,’ taking the track into brooding and percussive new territory.

Stream a sampler of the tracks below and purchase Mike Simonetti 12″ via 2MR.

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