Molly Burch announces new album – First Flower + shares lead single ‘Wild’

Molly Burch returns with wistful new single ‘Wild’, from her forthcoming album, First Flower, set for release on October 5. ‘Wild’ is a song about the desire for self-acceptance.“I wanted to write a song that made me feel at peace with my imperfections and celebrate others without putting them on pedestals” Burch explains. Watch the accompanying video below!

Unlike her debut album Please Be Mine (2017), which focused on the contentious depression of heartbreak, First Flower explores broken friendships, her relationship to her sister, and more importantly, how Burch learned to fight overwhelming anxiety. Burch, a soft-spoken, careful person who shoves her nervousness away on a daily basis.

“I was really blown away with how many people told me that the music has helped them through their own break-up,” she says of Please Be Mine. “I was just so moved by that. I never expected it. I was aware that people were actually listening to my music and having a positive experience, so [with the next album] I wanted to reveal my own struggles with fear and anxiety.”

After a year of touring Please Be Mine Burch returned to Texas to decompress. She began to bounce her ideas off bandmate and boyfriend, Dailey Toliver, who would contribute guitar parts and orchestration suggestions. Slowly, the album took shape and First Flower became real. When it came time to record, Burch chose to work with Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders in Austin.

First Flower is a bright, beautiful album peppered with moments of triumph. Burch’s voice is as strong and dexterous as ever, displaying her incredible range and professionalism as a vocalist. Pre-order the album here.

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