New tracks from Cults and Widowspeak

Cults (pictured), aka multi-instrumentalist/singer Madeline Follin and multi-instrumentalist Brian Oblivion, share their third single ‘No Risk‘ off their fourth studio album Host out September 18 via Sinderlyn. The peppy melody of ‘No Risk’ is accompanied by a self assured sentiment that without taking risk, there is no reward. Cults on ‘No Risk’: Antithetical to the title, the song is all about the benefits of taking risks, and how difficult that can be as a woman when being constantly told in both transparent and subliminal ways that you’re “second best” or not worthy of the same voice. The song transforms the title from a place of complacency to a challenge to empower yourself.

Stream ‘No Risk’ here.


Widowspeak share the fourth single, ‘Even True Love,’ from their upcoming album Plum, to be released August 28 via Captured Tracks. On ‘Even True Love’, the duo – singer-songwriter Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas – acknowledge the inevitable loss of those closest to us: “In the deepest wells, in the shallow sick/I can see you shaking in the great unknown/Will you learn to live with what you chose?/Even true love, you can’t take it with you”.

Molly Hamilton on ‘Even True Love’: “Prior to writing ‘Even True Love’, I’d been sitting with some existential dread for the last year or so; honestly, sort of overwhelmed by the recognition that life is absurd and finite.The song itself is upbeat, kind of cruising. I was thinking about those youth-glorifying “yolo” type songs and that big mood, but also feeling like there’s so much more to it than that. Maybe because they only live once, humans tend to want to possess things: objects, success, money, experiences, people. True Love. Amassing the most and best of whatever while you can. But that never really landed with me; I think this one is more about being present with the unknown, letting things go a little more, trying not to hold on too tight.”

Preorder Plum here.

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